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physical therapy and balanceSince 1998, OrthoSport Physical Therapy has been serving Orange County with hands-on, one-on-one, professional care. We specialize in orthopedic and sports related injuries. We have two clinics, one in Newport Beach, and one in Mission Viejo. Combined, we have more than 52 years of professional experience. Both clinics offer free, front door parking.  We are very excited to announce the addition of 2 new Alter-G Antigravity Treadmills to our clinics.  Please learn more at www.alter-g.com.

Who We Typically Treat

physical therapyOur typical patient is actually not so typical. From ages 5 to 95, with injuries from head to toe, we see all types of patients with all kinds of diagnoses. If it is orthopedic or sports related, we have seen it, and we have treated it. As far as who can access our services, we accept all PPO private insurances, Medicare, and Worker’s Compensation. We call and verify all benefits before services are rendered which avoids any confusion whatsoever.